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Form sorting of flood-transported synthetic clasts an untreated gravel bed river. They will acquire a broad knowledge of areas studies, as well as the basic conceptual and methodological understanding of literary and linguistic science as well as the culture and history of the region. Sediment. Fee for tuition There is no cost for tuition for EU citizens and permanent residents of the EU.1 Geol. 96 (3-4), 181-190 (1995). Environmental Studies (Faculty of Natural Sciences) Ueki, T. Degree: Bachelor (Bc.) Downstream variations in size, shape, roundness, and lithology.

About the program The three-year study program is among the very few programs designed to meet the demands of the job market.1 A case study of Doki River in southwest Japan. Students will be able to recognize the features and characteristics of the elements of the natural environment, which includes the human impact on it. Geogr. They will acquire knowledge in inter-disciplinary fields of study that define the fundamental biotic and abiotic elements of the landscape.1 Rep.

They will also enhance their understanding in the areas of ecology, landscape ecology biodiversity, geochemistry, chemistry and the conservation for natural resources. Tokyo Metrop. The focus is also on the planning of the environment, sustainable development and risk assessments of geological dangers.1

Univ. 34 , 1-24 (1999). Fee for tuition: EUR1,000/academic year. Acknowledgements. Administration (Faculty of Management) The authors greatly appreciate the support by the following research grants: (a) the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (41771078, 42011530083), (b) the SAFEA: High-End Foreign Experts Project (G2021131003L), (c) Heilongjiang Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd (JT-100000-ZC-FW-2021-0129), (d) Russian Foundation for Basic Research: RFBR-NSFC project (20-55-53006).1 Degree: Bachelor (Bc.) Author’s information.

Usual time of use: 3 years. They also contributed: Jinbang Zhai and ShengRong Zhang. About the program In the course of three years of study students acquire a basic understanding of various management fields as well as related disciplines of science. Authors and Affiliates.1 The study program lets students choose a specialization that includes the compulsory elective subject. School of Transportation/Institute of Cold Regions Science and Engineering, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, 150040, People’s Republic of China. Students will also gain understanding of a specific area of management.1

School of Civil Engineering/Northeast-China Observatory and Research-Station of Permafrost Geo-Environment of the Ministry of Education, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, 150040, People’s Republic of China. The tuition fee is EUR1,990 for the academic year. ShengRong Zhang, Ze Zhang & Hang Li.1

Management and Law (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Management) Melnikov Permafrost Institute, Siberian branch, Russian Academy of Science, Yakutsk, 677010, Russian Federation. Degree: Bachelor (Bc.) Usual time of use: 3 years. All study programmes are available in English.

About the program It is a collaboration between the Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava is launching a brand new three-year Bachelor’s dual-branch program in English"Management and Law "Management as well as Law" beginning in the semester 2020/2021.1 The program’s description The purpose of this program is to teach students a specialized theoretical knowledge in Chemistry and biology. The Bachelor’s program is specifically designed for students who wish to pursue their studies in English as well as for international students who have completed their secondary education and completed the state exam at the school-leaving exam.1 The biological component is focused on microbiology, cell biology as well as genetics, virology, molecular biology, human and animal the physiology, immunology and biotechnology. The program will cover an array of topics and students can select based on their personal preferences in line with the program’s structure.1

The subjects in chemistry cover general and inorganic chemical chemistry, organic chemicals, analytical chemistry biochemistry, and physical chemistry. Select from more than 21 compulsory subjects in law, and 17 management subjects! The programme offers practical instruction at private research institutes.1 The tuition fee is 2.990 EUR (per academic year) Students maximum. 100.

The tuition fee is EUR1,000 for the academic year. Number of ECTS: 180. Central European Studies (Visegrad Studies) (Faculty of Arts) Socio- and Occupational Psychology (Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences) Degree: Bachelor (Bc.) Degree: Bachelor (Bc.) Usual time of use: 3 years.1 Usual time of use: 3 years. About the program The programme, which runs for three years, includes studies in cross-cultural and foreign languages of the different regions that comprise Central Europe. About the program The program is focused on helping students prepare for careers in fields that require a psychology background.1 is essential.

Students will have learned at least three of the languages spoken in that region (with the possibility from Hungarian, German, Polish, and Slovenian) both in written and spoken forms. The focus of our program is Social Psychology, Organisational and Work Psychology, and Community Psychology.1 They will develop a broad proficiency in study of area studies, and the fundamental theoretic and methodological knowledge of literary science and linguistics and also the culture and history of the region. Our staff includes both part-time and full-time professors and experts who work to provide the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge and practical experiences for our students.1 Cost of tuition No tuition cost for EU citizens and permanent residents of the EU. The tuition fee is 3000 EUR per academic year.

Environmental Studies (Faculty of Natural Sciences) Graduate Study Programs (Master) Degree: Bachelor (Bc.) Applied Informatics (Faculty of Mathematics Physics, Informatics and Mathematics) About the program The study programme, which lasts for three years, is one of the very few programs specifically designed for the requirements of the market for labour.1 Degree: Master. The graduates will know the nature and features of the various components of the environment, as well as human-related impacts. Usual time of use: 2 years. They will be able to gain knowledge of multidisciplinary areas of study, which define the fundamental biotic and non-biotic components of the landscape .1 About the program The master’s program in Applied Informatics follows the Bachelor study program in Applied Informatics, allowing students to concentrate on four appealing specifications: design and programming of information systems Computer graphics, artificial intelligence and the development of software for education.1

They will increase their knowledge in the field of ecological ecology, landscape ecology biodiversity, geochemistry, chemistry as well as the conservation from natural resource. We provide interesting elective and optional courses in appealing areas like bioinformatics, graphics, cognitive science, web technology robotics, and many more.1 Also, attention is paid to sustainability planning, environmental planning and risk assessment of geological dangers. Our faculty members teach students a way of thinking as well as the capacity to comprehend and comprehend the algorithms technology, systems and techniques which they will encounter later in the commercial life.1 The tuition fee is EUR1,000 for the academic year.

A broader base of knowledge is an benefit "MATFYZ graduate" who tackle problems with creativity, perspective and with a thorough understanding. The Management (Faculty of Management) The study program is regularly updated with current articles on technology and its applications to ensure that our graduates remain in an outstanding position on the job market.1 Degree: Bachelor (Bc.)

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